Keeping Our Loyal Patrons and Company Professionals Happy


About Us

As a family-owned and operated business, we strive to be on top of our game when servicing our clients and taking care of our company staff. We started in 1975 with a firm commitment to providing top-quality freight services, using premium vehicles that ensure safe transport of all your precious cargo.

Our Dedicated Team

Our service and parts staff are always happy to work hard, keeping our trucks in tip-top shape at all times. Our dispatching team all have over the road driving experience. They understand the daily changes on the road.

Our Drivers

We believe that our drivers are the backbone of our company. That’s why we go above and beyond to make sure our drivers are happy and well-rested, making sure everyone goes home to their families on time every weekend.  If you choose you can stay out on the road over the weekend, we are very flexible.

Explore Rewarding Careers With Us

Our company is always looking for OTR employees who want to work for a family based company. A company that cares about your needs as a driver. If you’re interested in joining our team, send us your application. We’d love to have you on board!

Where WE GO

We run Oregon, Washington, California, Nevada, Idaho, and venture east occasionally.  The shortest mileage way isn't always the best way. Our dispatchers will help with your routing & delivery. They are here to work for you, we practice a team approach.

Our Fleet 

We run a fleet of Cascadia Evolution trucks, which are the more fuel-efficient counterparts of the original Cascadia line. We also run the new International line with the A-26 motor. Our trucks are owner operator equipped, with all the modern conveniences like refrigerators and on -board tractor scales. Our trucks are designed for enhanced driver comfort, convenience, and reliability.

Salute to Our Military

We love every opportunity to show our endless gratitude for the selfless service of our military personnel. That’s why we readily provide our services, whenever they are in need of reliable cargo transport services.

How Can We Help?

Let us know by reaching out to our responsive staff today.